Exploring the Different Types of Air Compressors: Which One is Right for You

Exploring the Different Types of Air Compressors: Which One is Right for You?


Are you on the lookout for a new air compressor? With so many models and options to think about, the pressure to make the right choice can be overwhelming. But not when you have us by your side. We’ll walk you through important considerations to keep in mind when buying an industrial air compressor. At the end of the day, it’s all about choosing the right tool for the job.  In particular, we’ll be delving into the different models or types of air compressors so that you can find one that best fits the unique needs of your workflow. So, straight away, let’s clear the air!

Rotary screw

A rotary screw is a popular type of air compressor. It features two internal rotors that manipulate the air across chambers to generate pressure that eventually ejects out of the nozzle. Because of its technology, this machine holds a couple of unique advantages over other types in terms of having: 

  • Better reliability
  • Being more efficient and clean
  • Being quieter

All these qualities combine to make the rotary screw air compressor an especially ideal tool when you’re working long-hour projects at construction sites. Their efficiency ensures optimal energy spending while their lower noise levels further enable long-term use. Generally, if you have a job that requires an air compressor that can operate continuously for long periods, this is the type you should get. 


Basically, all air compressors fall into either the positive or negative displacement categories. The reciprocating compressor belongs to the former category. Air compression in this variety occurs through the action of compressions which displace air to generate a powerful force.

Compared to the rotary air compressor, these carry the day in terms of power. They consume low energy and can generate even more power. Because of this, they are efficient when you’re working on a quick job that requires portability. Due to these features, this type of air compressor is a common option for highly mobile workflows.  


 True to their name, centrifugal air compressors leverage centrifugal force to compress air. While many compressors increase air pressure by reducing chamber volume, this design pressurizes air via a spinning impeller. 

The centrifugal air compressor makes up a third basic type of air compressor, in addition to the positive/negative displacement types we mentioned earlier, called dynamic compressors. With the ability to compress air across several stages, this compressor can generate a tremendous amount of power. Consequently, buy used machinery online of this nature if you’re looking for an air compressor that can meet large-scale manufacturing needs. 


The Axial air compressor makes up another type of dynamic air compressor. It leverages a series of fan blades to increase the speed, and therefore pressure, of air. They win in terms of portability over bulkier alternatives like centrifugal compressors, but they are not known to generate the most pressure. 

A few differential qualities compared to others of its kind include: 

  • Higher efficiency rate
  • Higher horsepower
  • Higher purchase costs

In terms of applications, axial air compressions might not be for you if you’re keen to add them to your acquisition of construction equipment for sale. They are mostly frequently used to power the engines of naval vessels and space crafts. 


In place of the piston, the Scroll compressor has a scroll wrap. It achieves compression through the rotating action of one of the scrolls, which reduces the volume to increase air pressure while the other scroll remains fixed in position. 

These types of air compressors tend to be quiet because they have fewer moving parts, which also leads to a secondary advantage of greater longevity. With fewer moving parts, there’s naturally a lesser effect of wear and tear.

ISO reports indicate that the Scroll compressors achieve the cleanest air of all other types. As a result, this makes it super ideal for machinery companies in UAE or anywhere else where authorities are extremely strict in terms of environmental laws or pollution crackdowns. 


Depending on their manner of lubrication, we also have two more types of air compressors. The first of these is the oil-free air compressors. Just as they are named, they have compression chambers that are devoid of oil. 

The design mechanism brings to the table a couple of vital benefits, some of which include:  

  • Cleaner air uncontaminated by oil 
  • Eco-friendly worksites
  • Fewer maintenance interventions such as replacing air filters

In place of oil, the compressor may use a choice or combination of several technologies to trap the air and lower its temperature. If air purity is a particularly important concern to your industrial workflow for one reason or the other, we recommend that you go with an oil-free air compressor.


The second type of air compressor classified as per the lubrication design is the oil-flooded type. As you may have guessed from its name, this compressor leverages oil in its operation. It uses the liquid to help trap the air across as the compressor harnesses other mechanisms such as rotary screws to seal the air and eventually elevate its pressure before outputting it. 

All that occurs in just one stage and presents one huge risk in terms of contamination. While they do have separators to disjoin air and oil, trace amounts can still pass through. That being said, oil-flooded air compressors are generally very affordable and safe to use, making them ideal for low-budget construction projects. 

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