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It provides services such as networking, softwares and many more to the people there in UAE. The burden of handling the data of a business or an individual is done by a third party. They offer you security for storing your data or to communicate with different networks over the internet. The providers’ commuting platform could be public or private or hybrid or multi-clouds service providers depending on the owners of the platform. Mostly the marketing groups, firms that work for the security of your data, leasing companies and global companies are the one that are benefited from the cloud services provided to them by their providers

There are various cloud service providers in UAE that are big businesses such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services and Alibaba cloud. Large cloud businesses have their channel distributed over multiple locations so that they can function in every country in the world

1-Microsoft Azure

Is a public service business. The resources of this business are offered by Microsoft. The people are being benefited by their wide range of quick services such as analytics, backups and networking depending upon your requirements. Azure helps its users to manage their app in a short period of time. They offer a 12-month subscription so that you can you can use their most popular services. The customer’s data is very secure as it is stored at three different locations to prevent the business from any disaster’s loss

2-Amazon web

It is a Modernized It service providing company in the UAE. Which provides its computing solutions based on the demand of the audience over the internet. Worldwide millions of customers use it to power their infrastructure and applications. The users can improve their performance without investing as it is cost effective and the customers just have to pay for the services offered by Amazon web.

3-Alibaba cloud

It is the number one cloud service provider offering services like databases and domains and websites in 24 regions, as large clouds have their network channels distributed in different areas. Many companies can store unlimited data using Ali baba storage facilities. Even the data can be customized using the Alibaba Website. It also includes an elastic commute over the internet for its customers.

As well, people all over the world could be benefited by these cloud computing platforms as competition between the firms is increasing day by day.  As it service providers in dubai as well so the businesses or individuals could be benefited in Dubai too. It provides their services weekly or monthly based upon the needs of their customers. You will experience smooth solutions provided to you in a short time, with an unlimited storage capacity. The customers are happy with the result of the cloud commuting because their work is being done on their demand.  Look for the best service providers in Dubai and the UAE that are essential for your business’s performance. And get your free access to cloud servers for your business.


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